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            human-oriented leadership

            Leadership is innovative power especially for start-up companies. Huge companies can offer at least remarking working experiences for individuals, however, companies in her scratch line can never be attractive for employees unless they lead team members in a human-oriented way.

            human-oriented definitely means that to be considerate in what employees really care–income, achievement, self-improvement, etc.

            leadership is to be with subordinates and to be away from them as respectful superiors. i.e. when a leader being with subordinates, he fight with them; when a leader being away from subordinates, he fight for them. That is the reason why they are true leaders. And that is the specific kind of leaders who are able to make a company open, flat, flexible, agile and sustainable.

            Modern management theory say a lot about performance-centered management, however, human-oriented leadership has even stronger power than it. Performance-centered management is a process of drafting working plan, organizing people, pumping working performance, and control output by top management. Human-oriented leadership is a process of instructing individual plan, motivating people, and make them self-controlled and self-managed. The difference between them is just like the odds between push selling and pull marketing.

            as a result, recruitment should be integrated with leadership style.

            choice of employees without positive self-motivation should go with performance-centered control management;

            choice of employees with positive self-achievement should go with human-oriented leadership.

            Never try to mix the matrix since that will double dissatisfaction of employees.

            For start up companies, it is crucial for them to recruit positive employees and full exploit their potential.  however, the reason of their failure lays more frequently on the lack of human-oriented leadership rather than lack of positive employees.

            For large scale companies, the growth space for positive employees is decreasing, which lead to the reducing increasing rate of the companies.

            This is the explanation of enterprise scale and growth rate paradox in the aspect of leadership style.

            For sustainable expansion momentum and fast growth rate, we need to pick up one of the two matrix, either idealized human-oriented leadership choice, or  suboptimal performance-centered management choice at the first stage, and then pesevere at the choice from beginning to the end at the second stage. if not, the employee dissatisfaction will be unavoidable and exacerbated.

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