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               Hainan JIEN Intelligent Engineering Co., Ltd, established in 1999, is a high-tech enterprise integrated itself with the design and construction of intelligent building system, electric installation system and research and development of related intelligence product. It has set up branches and service centers in such major regions around the country as Sanya, Chongqing, Hubei, Guangzhou, and Guiyang, achieving rapid, convenient and localized service, sincerely providing high-quality service for clients from more industries.
            The company currently has nearly 50 staffs, among which 65% of them graduated from university. A core management of senior engineers and expert engineers as well as a technical and operation team of a backbone of competent graduate students have taken shape. Supported by the powerful platform of professional technology, the company provides such serial services as comprehensive solution, professional design, construction organization and management, engineering quality control, and follow-up maintenance etc. to meet various requirements of the clients. In terms of security and surveillance digitalization, automation control of buildings, energy-saving and intelligent products, the company has pooled substantial efforts in human, resource and finance to conduct research and development in products with independent intellectual property rights. And the company has made considerable progress in technical team, R&D facilities, fundamental R&D, patent and result achievement transfer and technical system. Some products are in the course of applying for national patent,
            JIEN Company has long been devoted to creating a powerful brand, and will, as always, stick to the operation concept of Providing Value for the Clients, constantly pursue renovation in development, seek for excellence in renovation, keep on producing value for client, provide more satisfactory, more excellent service for the clients.

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            Address:Hainan Province Haikou sea Xiu middle of the mill 51-1 star China building 15 Tel:0898-36683838 0898-36683837